How to design your patios and paving Newcastle

When it comes to laying a patio or paved area in the garden, you might have in mind a regular grid of square or rectangular slabs, all the same size and colour. This is what you will find in most properties and is quite ordinary. So why not make your patio and paved area unique and stand out to your guests with these design ideas.

All shapes and sizes

When we first think of patios and paving Newcastle, our minds often jump to the traditional square and rectangular slabs. But did you know that you can choose from paving slabs in many different shapes and sizes?

The gentle curves of a round paved area can be the perfect match for informal planting and lush borders. But you’re not limited to just a circular area either when using these stones. Add squaring off stones to create a square paved area with curved details or use in one or more corners to join a circular paved area to the straight edge of a house wall or path.

Offset diamonds are a great way to make a statement with your paving design. These slabs add subtle interest when laid in the same colour, but when all three shades are used it creates a stunning visual effect that’s a great garden centrepiece.

Try new textures

In this day and age slabs come in a huge range of textures and colours that can make a massive impact on your outdoor space.

For the modern patio and paving Newcastle, smooth and glossy porcelain slabs offer a sleek, sophisticated finish that fits perfectly against crisp white walls and evergreen planting.

Add planting for texture

Add texture and interest to your paved space by leaving gaps between paving slabs to add planting. Simply skipping a paving slab here and there in the design leaves spaces that can be used in a vast variety of ways. These plants will add a range of colours to your patio and paving, providing that the plants you choose are suited for thin soil.

Let there be light

If you are going to make the most out of your garden, then outdoor lighting is a must. Integrating lights into your patio and paving is a great wat to create a stylish space during the day and allows you to carry on enjoying your garden as they shine through the night. You don’t even have to run electricity to your lighting as you could opt for solar-powered lights that will charge through the day and light up your garden at night, keeping your energy bills low.

Patios and Paving Newcastle

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