Alternative garden landscaping ideas for the North East

Do you have some outdoor space that you don’t know what to do with? A beautiful garden is a great addition that will transform your property into a home. If you are in the process of transforming your garden but are not getting any creative ideas, don’t worry, we are here with a few alternative landscaping ideas to get you going.

Exotic Vines

Dark green vines on home walls and garden walls add a volume of elaborate designs without taking too much effort. Vines create an artsy vibe to your garden and amp up its overall look. Find a holed fence to grow the vines on and soon your garden will get an exotic jungle vibe.

Vertical plant walls

A trend that has taken the gardening and landscaping world by storm is the concept of vertical plant walls. Different coloured pots mounted on a fence or wall will give your garden the colour it needs and give it a unique appearance.

This works really well for gardens with limited space and access to sunlight. Most of these can be small plants or succulents which don’t require much attention. Making it hassle free.

Walkways and Bridges

For those with a lot of space to spare in their garden, create a masterpiece that is sure to make a lasting impression on those who visit such as an intricate walkway or a small bridge. Small bridges with a small pond under make for a very Asian inspired garden and walkways inspired by the French gardens will be eye-catching additions.

Recycle old pieces

If you have some unusual items in your home, how about recycling them into some incredible planters? In some cases, it’s just a case of filling them with some soil and adding some colourful plants into them to make them stand out.

Screen off unsightly areas

We all have to put our bins and composters somewhere, but we don’t necessarily want them out on show for guests to see. Adding some small screens or fences to your garden will give you access to a hidden section, perfect for housing the less pretty elements of your outdoor space.

Landscaping North East

Living in the North East and want to transform your garden to show off to your guests. Take a look at our services and we can help give you that garden you always dreamed of turning your house into a home.